What Does Nu World Inc. Offer?

Providing services that invest in the future is the way of how Nu World Inc. allows us to Think Nu. Here is just some of what is offered by Nu World Inc.

Thinking Nu - Improve Your Well-Being

Thinking Nu is a way to get people out of the box. We strive to Improve the well-being of people from all walks of life by focusing on education, health, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and mental strengthening.

Black Business - Community-Driven Growth

We are community-driven in promoting entrepreneurship to help stimulate growth and serve as a resource for black-owned businesses. We advocate for a stronger economy and healthier black businesses.

Join The Club - Future Private Investing

Investing in the future. We assist in judging whether an investment could be a valuable component of your diversified portfolio, its
own merits, and how it fits with the goals and risk tolerance.

Mobile Auto Services - We Come To You

Stop going to the shop when we can come to you. We provide customer service that will allow you to sit back and let a skilled technician do what other mechanics cannot and service you from your location.

Company Branding - Market Your Campaign

A small business should focus most of its attention on the call to action. Graphic design, printing, and distribution. Our mission is to provide effective marketing to streamline consumer sales for your business.

Real Estate - Your Credit, Your Home

Repairing your credit so you can invest in your future home. We have guides that will help you though every part of your real estate needs. With our process, it will be as simple as A-B-C, 1-2-3.

Our Portfolio - Thinking Nu

Take a look at our extensive portfolio of the services and events provided by Nu World Inc.

Testimonials - Mobile Auto Services

Take a look at some of the testimonials from our customers on the mobile auto services provided by GoPro Mechanics.

To Receive Nu World Inc. Services and Support: 704-802-2170 or nuworldcorp@gmail.com