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Thinking Nu will take us beyond the cycles that continue to hold our communities stagnant. Thinking Nu will get us moving again. We need to learn how to Think Nu.

Nu World Inc. is all about equal opportunity that allows us to move forward. Why should someone who is less fortunate than someone else not be allowed the same opportunities in making their lives better? Life should be affordable for all, but this requires a new way of thinking. We need to abolish the thought that people don't have the same opportunities - an underground though process that would lead to an incorporated mindset.


Nu World Underground began as a music label, started by Christopher McKinney, in order to reach out to the underprivileged and less fortunate through music. However, realizing what impact he could have by being able to spread the message of making life affordable for all, Nu World Underground birthed into full-fledged idea to support the community. This was the beginning of Nu World Inc.

Before GoPro Mechanics, as a mechanic working under another company, Christopher's steps in the Nu direction began when he met a young, single mother. She was struggling with making ends meet and had car issues that she was unable to afford. His company, at the time, would not service her because of that fact alone. Because of that, he left the company, provided her the car service she needed by going to her, instead of her coming to him, and soon enough, GoPro Mechanics was formed.

Since then, Christopher has been much more active in providing his services to others with the same philosophy in mind. Soon enough, he would join Asabi Media for marketing businesses through design, as well as The We.b.b. Association for entrepreneurship for the black community. This would lead to the Private Investment Club, Non-Profit, Real Estate, and Credit Repair. These are all opportunities that allow people to become financially set and stable in their lives, while also influencing others to do the same.

We Think Nu is not a slogan. It is a philosophy designed for communities to collectively think outside of the box in order to help everyone else. Life is hard enough as it is now and not everyone can afford the luxuries of life. So how do we resolve this? By making the opportunities happen one way or another - an underground though process leading to an incorporated mindset.


Nu World Inc. - Make life affordable by Thinking Nu.

A small business should focus most of its attention on the call to action. Graphic design, printing, and distribution. Our mission is to provide effective marketing to streamline consumer sales for your business.

Stop going to the shop when we can come to you. We provide customer service that will allow you to sit back and let a skilled technician do what other mechanics cannot and service you from your location.

Investing in the future. We assist in judging whether an investment could be a valuable component of your diversified portfolio, its own merits, and how it fits with the goals and risk tolerance.

Thinking Nu is a way to get people out of the box. We strive to Improve the well-being of people from all walks of life by focusing on education, health, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and mental strengthening.

Repairing your credit so you can invest in your future home. We have guides that will help you though every part of your real estate needs. With our process, it will be as simple as A-B-C, 1-2-3.

We are community-driven in promoting entrepreneurship to help stimulate growth and serve as a resource for black-owned businesses. We advocate for a stronger economy and healthier black businesses.

To Receive Nu World Inc. Services and Support: 704-802-2170 or nuworldcorp@gmail.com